Construction Safety Training


Construction workers and job site visitors face hazardous conditions on a daily basis. Safety training is one of the first things that can be done to minimize these hazards and reduce exposure to litigation. We offer a wide range of training services, from “tool box talks” and general awareness to OSHA specific classes and advanced subjects.

We customize safety training programs for each client. This personalized approach allows us to maximize the effectiveness of the training by tailoring it to your organization's specific scope of work. Scheduling is flexible and we can offer the training at our office or your site.

Each member of our safety training team has years of experience in the construction industry. Through creativity and “hands-on” demonstrations, they will maximize participation and retention for class attendees.

Construction Safety Training Courses
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Site Safety Management System

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Dr. Robert L. Taylor, Superintendent of Schools, Lebanon Community Schools

"The partnership between Lebanon Community School's Building and Trades program and Trinity Safety Group has not only resulted in a direct benefit to our students in the building and trades program, but it has established an unprecedented partnership that will allow real life applications for safety training to be to our students in all aspects of the vocational education curriculum. Mr. Jones and the the Trinity group have displayed not only a passion for safety training, but a true commitment to preparing our next generation of workers for a productive and accident free work experience."