Health, Safety and Environmental (HSE) Program Design

Trinity Safety Group offers two types of HSE Program Development Services review and revision of an existing program or the development of a new program. We select and utilize our expert staff for the HSE Program Development services, depending on the industry. We also recommend and encourage the active involvement of the client's management staff in all aspects of the process.

The review and revision process is just that, a review and revision of a company's existing HSE program. Trinity Safety Group will thoroughly review the HSE program and identify areas within the program that can be improved. We will then communicate the potential improvements to the client's management team for approval. The improvements will be added to the existing HSE program and will be sent to the client for approval. Upon request, Trinity Safety Group will assist the client in the implementation of the improved HSE program.   

Trinity Safety Group has established a five-step process in the development and implementation of a new HSE Safety Program. The development relies on involved interaction between Trinity Safety Group and the client's management team.

The five-step approach to the HSE program development is as follows:

  • Trinity Safety Group will conduct an assessment of the client's current activities. The initial assessment is necessary to establish an understanding of what operations a company performs and how they conduct these operations. The initial assessment involves site visits of ongoing work activity, review of the scope of work for past, current and future projects and interviews with the management team.

  • Using all information gathered in the initial assessment, Trinity Safety Group and the client's management team will establish necessary policies and procedures that will be included in the HSE program.

  • The development of the HSE Safety Program will be completed once the necessary policies and procedures have been established. Trinity Safety Group will write a HSE program that is specific to each client's requirements.

  • Once the writing of the HSE program is completed, Trinity Safety Group and the management team will meet to review and make any revisions to the program's content. Trinity Safety Group will provide the management team with an explanation of all requirements and expectations that are included in the HSE program.

  • The development of an implementation plan for the new HSE Safety Program is the final step of the process. Trinity Safety Group will assist the client in the planning process and has the capabilities to assist the client in the actual implementation of the new HSE program. (i.e. recordkeeping, training, site assessments, etc.)


Michael Overholt, Manager-Safety & Quality, ACIG

"As the President of Trinity Safety Group, Jason Jones is the consumate safety professional and executive leader.  We have teamed with Trinity on several valued partner programs for our customers.  Jason brings a high level of integrity and professionalism to his company, his client base, and the construction community throughout the United States.  I have a very high regard for Jason and his work and highly recommend him and his firm."