Insurance Consulting Services


Our Insurance Experts Can Save You Thousands

You could be saving thousands of dollars each year in insurance costs.  A sound understanding of today’s insurance industry is critical for any organization.  This knowledge can result in multiple cost savings each year in both insurance and worker’s compensations.

Trinity Safety Group’s (TSG) insurance experts can provide your organization with the necessary information and skills to educate your management team on all aspects of the insurance industry.  

Our team can help you with:
  • Experience Modification Rate (EMR) management
  • Claims Management
  • Insight in to the capabilities and resources that insurance companies can provide
  • Owner Controlled Insurance Programs (OCIP)
  • Contractor Controlled Insurance Programs (CCIP)

Not only will we provide you with knowledge on industry-specific topics, but we will help you apply this information for immediate cost savings.  


Experience Modification Rate (EMR) Management

TSG has worked with several local and national companies to lower their EMR.  A company’s EMR can significantly impact the bottom line.  A high EMR causes the company to pay inflated insurance premiums and limits bidding opportunities on projects using contractor pre-qualification programs.  Implementing a comprehensive health and safety program, developing an effective training program, and efficiently managing worker’s compensation claims are key elements to lowering your EMR.

TSG has also been successfully managing Worker’s Compensation claims for over a decade.  We guarantee that by using our Loss Control Services, a company’s EMR and insurance premiums will be greatly reduced.  Our comprehensive insurance assessments identify specific aspects of a company’s claims management that needs improvement.  Improvement in deficient areas results in a company that is far more marketable when purchasing insurance.

TSG has developed and managed several OCIP and CCIP projects.  We take the lead on OCIP/CCIP project management and work in conjunction with your team to develop an effective and successful model that benefits you.  A comprehensive project safety program with safety advisors monitoring the compliance of the program are the keys to effective OCIP/CCIP projects.  We understand that a successful project depends on safety, quality, and schedule working together in unison.  We implement this same formula while providing OCIP and CCIP services to our clients.

Let TSG help protect your bottom line.  Please contact us for further information.


Clyde "Buddy" Brady, Senior Safety Manager - ALCOA

"I have worked with Jason on several jobs, tasks, and training programs.  Jason and Trinity Safety Group are professional, knowledgeable and can get the job done in a safe and timely manner.  I would recommend Trinity Safety Group for any safety project.  In a recent job change, I will be having Trinity Safety Group conduct on-site training for all of our mobile equipment."