Mine Safety Consultants

Mine safety challenges are unique in comparison to other industries. Miners and others working in these situations face serious hazards on a daily basis. If your company performs work at quarries or mines, you are also required by MSHA to establish and maintain a safety program, a mine safety training program and a hazard assessment under MSHA guidelines.

Trinity Safety Group has the experience and in-depth understanding to help you:
  • Establish a safer working environment
  • Maintain MSHA compliance
  • Lower your costs



Establish a Safer Working Environment

Our top priority is to ensure miners are effectively trained and that the work environment is free of recognized hazards.


Maintain MSHA Compliance

Trinity Safety Group understands MSHA requirements and has developed an effective method to capture your site-specific issues and incorporate that into both the written safety program and the required training.

We offer a full range of services to help you comply with MSHA requirements.
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Lower Costs

MSHA is very specific on the training plan requirements.  If you are unaware of these requirements you may be exposing your company to costly mistakes.


Rick Hawkins, Corporate Safety Director - The Hagerman Group

"It was the logical choice to partner with Trinity Safety Group. We have found their services to be highly professional, efficient and cost effective. They really see the "Big Picture" in terms of safety consulting and providing excellent service. Everyone on Trinity Safety Group's staff has been extremely easy to work with and continue to be responsive to our needs, even on short notice. We cannot imagine a better partner to team up with."