Rolls Royce, in partnership with Trinity Safety Group, has implemented a world-class safety process for the multi-phase project - Condor. Due to the size of the project and the desire of Rolls Royce to truly take safety to another level, Trinity Safety Group was enlisted to develop and implement a behavior-based risk management process. One of the key elements of this innovative Safety Management System is Communication.

The fundamental ideology for this venture was to engage all levels of the project, identify meaningful leading indicators to collect and measure, and facilitate real-time, two-way communication of vital information within all levels of project personnel. Examples of this information include: safety observations, events, contractor activities, and emergency action situations.

In order to achieve this ideology, communication tools and pathways needed to be redefined and streamlined. Enter Vanguard. Vanguard is a proprietary systematic safety process developed by Trinity Safety Group.


Vanguard is built on a culture of collaboration, team synergism, individual ownership, and trust. The Vanguard process is a leading-edge safety management technique. Culminating in a system based on safe production, it is driven by employees and supported by management. The system is comprised of eleven components and can be specifically tailored and scaled to an organization’s personality.

Vanguard is a process that addresses each aspect of an organization’s and/or project’s procedural framework and safety culture. Vanguard embraces a “Together Approach”, where owners, contractors, and Trinity personnel are working as a collective unit -- empowering all personnel to be actively involved in safety-related activities. The methodology of establishing strong leadership commitment, meaningful employee involvement, solid procedural framework, and competent safety support facilitates extraordinary levels of performance.

Trinity has worked side-by-side with Rolls Royce to develop the structure and framework of their customized process utilizing the fundamental principles of Vanguard coupling with experience gained from previous implementations. This has been accomplished by focusing on the evolution of project-specific processes, by applying lessons learned from previous events, and an awareness of procedural/cultural initiative best practices.


Collecting real-time data, identifying trends and sharing the information has become the backbone of our program. More than 300 tradespeople at Rolls Royce’s project are spread across two adjacent properties. Project and client stakeholders are located across the campus as well as offsite and overseas. Without the use of technology, timely communication would not be possible. The Vanguard process enables all levels and contributors within the project to be engaged and informed with real-time information.

screen shots of safety software


Since rolling out Vanguard, the project at Rolls Royce has realized a significant positive impact amongst leadership and craft people. This system provides a platform to deliver a daily summary of all activities which is shared with key stakeholders at the end of each day. The program has received complete buy-in from the end users as they consistently see the value of the platform. Craft personnel have participated in anonymous surveys to glean feedback about the application’s processes and performance. The survey results have shown a consensus of the program’s value and the information it provides.

By using Vanguard’s mobile application, the Systems Manager has the ability to create and distribute reports on a daily basis – providing the right information, to the right people, at the right time. The foremen and the craft people are able to know in real time what is going well and what areas need improvement. This allows the foremen to communicate the previous day’s safety performance to the crew during daily safety meetings. This level of current and relevant information has increased safety participation and engagement with the craftspeople.

We align our safety process with our client’s values and vision, making it their language and their safety culture. We help them achieve safety success by providing a platform that facilitates engagement with data, while increasing safe production. When leadership and tradespeople are communicating with the right information you can have a transformational, sustainable safety culture.