Safety Software

Collecting meaningful data and communicating it across organizational channels allows everyone to be engaged with safety. NOESIS gives our clients unprecedented analysis of their safety program and performance in real-time. Using our predictive analytics, we can identify issues before they cause an accident.

Our inspections are based on regulations, best practices and industry standards. 

Trinity Safety Group uses NOESIS, our proprietary safety mobile application and software to deliver accurate, efficient evaluation of your site or facility

  • Unprecedented analysis of your safety program in REAL TIME with predictive analytics
  • Ability to put efforts and resources proactively
  • Safety issues noted and tracked with PHOTOS, SIGNATURES, and TAP TO TALK
  • Engage all levels of the organization
  • 100% secure cloud-based system
  • Reduce the likelihood of an accident, using meaningful data
Mobile Screens

From the floor and the field to the office

Risk Management Platform

Real-time data

Intuitive mobile app

Works offline

Paper forms to digital

The Solution

Eliminates paper

Develops accountability

Improves efficiency

Reduce risk exposures

Increases communication

Track open issues

Trend performance

Communicate news

Communicate safety info


Safety observations

Focused inspections

Track training

Deliver/track toolbox talks

Complete permits

Complete THA/JSA's

Accident investigations

Track team engagement

Audit permits

Real Time Safety Analysis!