Full List of Safety Services

Program Development

Trinity Safety Group will work with you to develop customized, written safety programs for your business. This will include a review of your old programs, if you have any, and discussion on your operations. We can’t write about what we don’t know. Our programs can go beyond the basic template and go into specific procedures on how you manage safety. Whether it’s a hazard communication program or machine specific lockout/tagout procedures, we can help you develop them.

Site Safety Audits (Inspections)

Trinity Safety Group utilizes its own proprietary mobile application, Noesis, to inspect your job sites and facilities. Our database of has over 13,000 questions to evaluate physical hazards and behaviors with advanced analytics to track issues. Our site audits go beyond OSHA compliance. Trinity provides you with recommended best practices based on industry standards such as ANSI and other widely accepted safety practices. OSHA citations can be costly, but injuries cost even more. Our site audits and inspections are meant to address hazards that have an impact.

Prequalification Assistance

Trinity Safety Group specializes in contractor prequalification. If you’re a contractor that needs to qualify for CCS, ISNetworld, Avetta, Browz, or any other system, we have you covered. We can write new programs or edit existing ones to meet the criteria of any system. This will not only save you time and frustration but improve your chances of getting the next job for an owner using one of these pre-qualification arrangements.

If you’re an owner of a project and want assistance in prequalifying contractors, then we can help there too. We developed individualized prequalification programs for contractors that are streamlined and detailed. Trinity Safety Group will work with you to understand what you think is important in a contractor’s safety management system and we’ll provide recommendations along the way on what we think is also important to review. We’re even available for face to face prequalification audits to make sure your contractors are practicing what’s in their written programs.

Safety Management System Assessments

One of the best ways to develop leading indicators is to perform Safety Management System Audits and Assessments. Our 13 section numerically scored Safety Management System Assessment tool covers topics ranging from Management Commitment and Involvement to OSHA Standards for construction and general industry. Often, we’ll use this as an introduction to explore your system, develop prioritized recommendations, and develop a strategy for your organization.

Safety Management System Audits

Safety Management System Audits are a deeper dive than Assessments and may involve multiple days of reading policies, verifying training, and interviewing employees. These audits may be customized to t your needs to capture that data that you’re looking to track for developing leading indicators. We take the time to learn not only your safety management system and safety culture, but your business goals. We question all levels of leadership, interview employees, and review your written documentation to understand your business operations and how safety ts in. Not every organization is ready to institute a best in class safety system. Each client is at their own point of the safety evolutionary curve and we take the time to learn where you are and how to integrate our proven processes into your business to get you to the next step. Our exploration phase makes sure that we aren’t wasting time on ideas that won’t work for you.

Safety Culture Assessments

Jobsite audits and physical hazard inspections are important, but behaviors lead to more accidents at a rate of almost 10 times that of physical conditions. Employees are the target audience for our training, our safety message, and the ones we’re trying to protect. That is why it is important to get their feedback and understand their view of the safety culture.

Broker and Insurance Carrier Interfacing

Who do you want to know about all of the time and money you invest in your safety program? Companies with high quality safety programs tend to pay lower insurance premiums because of their EMR and schedule credits. In many cases your insurance broker and carrier don’t know all that you’re doing with your program. Depending on the Safety Service agreement we work through as a team, we will provide bi-monthly, quarterly, or biannual reports to your insurance broker to pass on to your carrier. Furthermore, we’ll work with your insurance carrier’s loss control department to leverage the resources available to you. Many carriers oer free safety training, jobsite audits, discounted background checks, discounted drug testing services, and more but they don’t always get discussed. We’ll gather this information and work with your team to determine if any of their service offerings would be a good supplement to ours, so you get the best return on your investment.

Loss Control Assistance

Loss Control visits from insurance carriers can be helpful, time consuming, and confusing all at the same time. Our Safety Facilitator’s are familiar with the Loss Control process and the expectations. We can help you prepare in advance of the visit to save time in the back end.

Site-Specific Safety Plans

We develop customized site-specific safety plans. We’ll meet with your team to discuss the job scope and help you identify potential hazards, while developing a process to control them.

Incident Investigation

Every incident should be a learning experience and no two incidents are the same. We have a guided process for investigating incidents, documenting them, assigning corrective actions, and monitoring those corrective actions to closure. We understand how to interview employees in a way that gets results for gathering information. Our Safety Facilitators dig deeper into your safety management system and operations to and all upstream contributing causes. This provides you with an improved corrective action list to complete, ensuring that similar injuries don’t occur in the future.

OSHA Inspections/Citation Assistance

Having an advocate that knows the OSHA standards by your side during the inspection process helps protect your business. We may help you get citations vacated or fines reduced by providing our expertise and a strategy on how to protect workers in the future. Some of our Safety Facilitators have experience working with various state OSHA programs as compliance officers.

Emergency Action Plans

Whether it’s fire, a weather event, or workplace violence, your business should have a plan. Trinity’s Safety Facilitators work with your team to develop emergency action plans that address all types of emergencies. We’ll help you design, write, communicate, and train the plans.

Safety Committee Assistance

Trinity’s Safety Facilitators can help you develop and maintain an active, effective safety committee. Whether we take on a leadership role in the committee or act as a member, we’re available to help you develop a mission, by-laws, and activity-based goals.

Safety Leadership Training

Trinity Safety Group feels that people and process drive safety. You can develop a foolproof system, but the people need to know how to run it. We provide safety leadership training for upper-level managers, supervisors, and team leads. Each session is custom tailored to your organization.