Owner Services

Large corporations understand the value of safety and the risk associated with construction. Often times, companies do not have the resources to focus on the ever-changing, high hazard construction work environment. Our team can facilitate your contractor safety program from the prequalification to the project closeout.

Owner Services Include:

  • Establish standards and metrics for safety management that are clearly definable and measurable
  • Administer a pre-qualification system
  • Develop and implement a comprehensive safety program
  • Develop a master risk assessment
  • Assistance with the development of contract safety specifications
  • Investigation and coordination of all accident reporting, and facilitation of the investigation process
  • Provision of monthly reports of each contractor’s safety performance
  • Attending all pre-bid and pre-construction meetings to ensure contractors understand process and policies
  • Conduct an effective and interactive safety orientation

  • Conduct daily safety observations and audits
  • Conduct periodic review of daily planning tools and permits
  • Review the contractors’ training and maintain a tracking system
  • Review of emergency procedures to include rescue plans and communication processes
  • Providing accountability and leadership to the contractor
  • Conduct weekly safety meetings with key stakeholders
  • Facilitate a project safety committee consisting of management and craft personnel
  • Provide safety leadership workshops
  • Conduct periodic comprehensive assessments

Trinity Safety Group’s Owner Services Division 

We provide a consistent safety culture that represents our client’s best interest. Every company is held to the same standard and receives the same message of the importance of safety on the job. No matter the size of the project or number of people, real-time safety communication is the expectation at all levels.

Through the use of our safety application (Trinity Risk Solution), our experienced staff of safety professionals provides daily, weekly and monthly reports to keep everyone informed of the status of the safety program. Data for these reports are collected not only by the safety department but by all of the supervision and a select group of trusted craftspeople. Positive feedback on the success of the project will be daily while still addressing, correcting and communicating deficiencies. Having all levels involved every day and communicating their observations to the entire project holds everyone accountable while giving everyone ownership in the process. 

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Prepare for Safe Production

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Begin Activities to Transform Safety

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Use Data for Guidance & Continual Improvement

Our Process

Our process closes the gap and gets people to focus on the right things at the right time. Safety is a team sport, it cannot be done by one person alone. Everyone involved with a Trinity Safety Group project will understand the vision, the process and their role.

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Image of our process details
Image of our process details
Image of our process details
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