Are your training courses available in Spanish?

Yes, all of our training is available in Spanish.

Will you come to our office to conduct the training?

Yes, we can conduct training on-site at your location or at our training center in Indianapolis.

How many people need to be present for you to conduct the training?

This is topic-specific. For instance, OSHA requires a minimum of three students for the OSHA 10 and 30-hour classes.

What is the maximum number of students for training classes?

This is topic-specific. For instance, ASHI only allows 10 students per instructor so additional instructors may be needed. The maximum number of students allowed by OSHA for the OSHA 10 and 30-hour classes is 40. Some classes such as Rigging and Signaling, flagger, etc. that require skill demonstration are typically limited to 15 - 20 students per instructor depending on prior knowledge of the topic. Additional instructors are available for larger classes.

How many topics can you cover in one awareness training?

Our instructors can cover any number of topics as long as they fit into one 8-hour session. However, we will ensure that adequate time is provided to teach each topic and will not compromise quality in order to fit too much into one day.

Is Trinity Safety Group affiliated with OSHA in any way?

OSHA only authorizes instructors for the OSHA Outreach Training Programs (10 & 30 Hour). We are authorized to teach these classes. OSHA does not endorse training providers in any way.

My company has employees spread out all over the region. What are my options for training?

We work with your organization by providing several options for training across the country including traveling to your teams, webinars, designing recorded training, or whatever fits your needs.

Am I responsible for my workers even if I’m working under a general contractor?

Yes. The safety of the employee is the employer’s responsibility.

Can we have your instructor teach longer than eight hours in a day?

Training longer than eight hours is possible, within reason, but additional charges may apply. The OSHA Outreach Training Programs (10 and 30 hours) are limited by OSHA to seven and one-half hours of training time per day.

Is weekend and holiday training available?

Weekend and holiday training is available based on scheduling availability and additional charges may apply.

How much do these training classes cost?

Each training session cost varies depending on trainer requirement qualifications, materials used in the training, length of training, location, number of employees, and other variables. Please contact us for a quote.

Do we have to have a written safety program if all of our employees have been through OSHA required training?

OSHA specifies topics and hazards that require written programs. Our Safety Services team can help you determine what applies to your organization and help you develop written programs if you do not have them or they need to be updated.