Fall Protection…or Not

Published: January 4, 2019

Fall Protection…or Not

By: Mia Liley, MBA, ARM, CRIS

Risk Control Consultant

Tommy always finds something to get into around the house. This day was not different…..

When Lisa got home from work, Tommy’s car was already parked in the driveway.

In the family room, she spotted Tommy sitting on the couch with his legs propped up on pillows. As she got closer to lean in for a kiss, Lisa noticed Tommy had a strange look on his face.

Lisa: Hey Babe. Why are you sitting here on the couch? What happened?

Tommy: Nothing. Just taking a break. Resting a bit.

Lisa: This is unlike you. What’s going on?

Tommy: Well, what had happened was……I was on the roof cleaning the gutters. Everything went as planned. But when I started towards the front of the roof I slipped and slid down the frontside.

Lisa: How did that happen?

Tommy: Well, the roof is still wet from all the rain we just had.

Lisa: So you fell onto the driveway? Where did you hurt yourself?

Tommy: No. Thank goodness I parked in the driveway. I landed on the hood of the car. I think I am okay.

The roof was slippery from rainfall.

Tommy was working alone and not trained in fall protection. He does not own PPE, and was not protected from fall hazards, and was wearing sneakers when the fall occurred.

Injuries suffered could have been serious, and even fatal.