Large Metro Area Transit Rail Operation

Construction value: $2.7B over 5 years

Location: Mid-Atlantic

Overview of Engagement

Wells Fargo Insurance brokers and administers an OCIP for construction related work for a design build metro rail project.

Description of Trinity Services and performance

Trinity Safety performs in a full-time loss control/safety capacity on-site for the metro rail OCIP reporting to a Wells Fargo Insurance Safety professional. The purpose of the position is to observe daily activities at the job sites and make sure safety protocols are being followed. The Trinity professional receives a weekly list of contractors and has access to our web-based Portal which provides up-to-date information on whether or not contractors have met the requirements for enrollment in the OCIP. The Safety professional attends safety meetings, walks around the job sites, and can identify if anyone is working who should not be.

The current professional assigned to this contract has been an asset to the engagement through his professional manner, team spirit, and attention to detail. Overall, we and the client are satisfied with the performance of the Trinity safety professional.