Large Water & Sewer Operation

Construction value: $1.2B over 5 years

Location: Mid-Atlantic

Overview of Engagement

Wells Fargo Insurance brokers and administers a Rolling OCIP which includes above ground and tunnel construction related to water and sewer infrastructure, a water treatment facility and a new headquarters.

Description of Trinity Services and Performance

Wells Fargo Insurance contracted with Trinity Safety to provide a team of safety professionals to monitor over $1.2B in construction value over a 5 year period. Responsibilities are similar to those described previously. The exception, this engagement required a Safety Director be hired immediately and that person worked with Wells Fargo Insurance and the client to build a team around the specific needs of the project. The client changed brokerage firms and contractors were still working with a previous safety team, leading to confusion. The education and coordination that needed to take place was a challenge but Trinity Safety has performed well on this contract. We are well into year two and Trinity Safety professionals continue to contribute in terms of job performance and collaborative spirit; making recommendations that have proven valuable to the project and the client.

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