Trinity Safety Group Awarded Loss Control Partnership with Illinois Public Risk Fund

Partnership lays groundwork for innovative risk management beyond the COVID era.

[Chicago, Illinois]: Trinity Safety Group today announced it has signed an agreement with the Illinois Public Risk Fund (IPRF) as their loss control partners to provide safety management and loss control services to its members.

“This partnership represents a strong investment into the safety of the organizations IPRF serves,” says

Michael Fackler CSP, ARM, Director Risk Management Services at Trinity Safety Group, “We are honored and excited to be a chosen partner. COVID has changed the way organizations manage their health and safety. We believe our battle-tested approach to safety and risk management can be a catalyst for change, and greatly enhance our IPRF member's safety programs through blending technology, a people-centered approach, and accessible safety management and loss control.

“We want to provide members with the tools and resources to build a robust and successful workplace safety and loss control program,” says Jodi Steel, Risk Manager at Illinois Public Risk Fund. “Through careful consideration, we chose to partner with Trinity Safety Group because of their experience, innovative approach, and their utilization of technology that will improve our member's safety and loss performance.”

In this COVID era, the focus is rightly on protecting the health and wellness of public workers. This partnership is unique in that Trinity Safety Group will be implementing and leveraging technology to provide remote service and monitoring through field applications, data-driven analytics, and transparent process improvement analysis. Member organizations will also be provided opportunities to listen to podcasts, join roundtables, participate in webinars, and access training and resources through a comprehensive learning management system.

About Trinity Safety Group:

Trinity Safety Group is working to change the way businesses manage their risk by putting people at the center of the program. Since 2002, Trinity has built systems around people to take control of their safety. Knowing safety and risk is more than a bottom line, Trinity Safety Group works with organizations to empower people to work safer through engagement and collaboration.

Using Trinity Safety Group’s proprietary business framework and mobile technology, companies are realizing transformational behaviors ensuring safer operations. Trinity Safety Group is headquartered in Indianapolis, IN. with offices in Kentucky and Virginia.

About Illinois Public Risk Fund:

IPRF was established in 1985 to provide a cost-effective alternative to escalating workers compensation premiums and related costs. Today, IPRF has proudly served countless governmental entities and public agencies throughout Illinois.

IPRF is an intergovernmental joint insurance pool providing for the defense and payment when due of all compensation and other benefits under the Illinois Workers’ Compensation Act and the Illinois Workers’ Occupational Disease Act on behalf of its governmental entity and public agency members.

IPRF’s mission is to provide comprehensive and responsive risk management solutions while controlling costs through a unified loss prevention and claims management program that supports governmental entities and public agencies throughout Illinois.