Mining Safety

Trinity Safety Group is committed to providing America's mine operators, miners and contractors the implementation and execution of workplace safety assistance, regulatory compliance support and mine training. Our services are designed to provide businesses, workers and contractors with the knowledge and tools they need to understand what it takes to work safe daily, their rights, responsibilities and compliance requirements.

Our mine safety professional’s have both academic and boots on the ground experience for the different types of mines and quarries to include coal, metal, nonmetal, above and underground operations. Mine safety challenges are unique in comparison to other industries. Miners and others working in these situations face serious hazards on a daily basis. If your company performs work at quarries or mines, you are also required by MSHA to establish and maintain a safety program, a mine safety training program and a hazard assessment under MSHA guidelines.

Trinity Safety Group has the experience and in-depth understanding to help you:

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We offer a full range of services to help you comply with MSHA, lower your accident exposures and enhance your safety culture:

  • Safety Program and Policy Development
  • Training Plan Development
  • Site Assessments (Mock MSHA Inspection)
  • Accident Investigations
  • Safety Training
  • Emphasis inspection and evaluation
  • Gap assessments
  • Safety perception surveys
  • Behavioral based surveys
  • Mine Inspection Assistance
  • MSHA Penalty Support/contesting citations
  • Support Fatal investigations
  • Expert witness support


Training and education is the foundation of mine safety. 

Trinity Safety Group mine safety consultants provide state-of-the-art training using multiple training aids and techniques. Our MSHA trainers have hands-on experience with industry-specific backgrounds. We continually refine our training to ensure content is current and that retention and participation are maximized. Every instructor has a MSHA blue card and are authorized to teach

  • MSHA Part 46
  • MSHA Part 48
  • New Miner Training
  • Newly Hired Experienced Miners
  • New Task Training
  • MSHA Annual Refresher
  • Site-Specific Hazard Awareness

Workplace Exam Training Additional Training Workshops for Miners:

  • Safety Leadership
  • Workplace exam execution
  • Accident investigations

Who Should Take New Miner Training Course?

  • New Miners
  • Newly Hired Experienced Miners
  • Construction Personnel
  • Maintenance Personnel
  • Mine Contractors

Experience that you can trust with your mine operation

Our mine safety instructors have hands-on experience in the mining industry and have a comprehensive understanding of MSHA requirements. They have the ability and knowledge to effectively communicate course material. Our innovative approach engages the miner in the training. This system has been proven to create dialog between the students and the instructor, helping the student absorb and understand the course content. At times we may substitute equivalent applicable OSHA material and other related agencies as needed to convey necessary information.